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Michael Sachs Continues to Recount How He found Cavallini Clinic

Today I will continue my story of how I found the Cavallini Dental Clinic. If you missed my first post, please feel free to catch up here. On February 13, 2008 I received my first email response from Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Peralta. He took the time to respond, in detail and exactly point by point, to my e-mail which I sent him the day before.

Dear Mr. Sachs:

I am Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Peralta. I am associate Implant DDS, and Cosmetic Coordinator in Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic and I answer all e-mails for potential patients. Both Dr Munoz Cavallini and I run our practice. thank you very much for writing to us, visiting our website and for considering us for your dental treatments. Regarding your initial e-mail, I will send you helpful information about our dental implants, cost information, how to send x-rays, about us, traveling arrangements, helping you get a passport faster if needed etc..

We feature the one stage, osteocompressive, immediate load, permanent implants from OCO Biomedical in the USA. The great advantage of this type of implant system is that it integrates to bone as other implants do, but instead of waiting a few months for your teeth to be built and placed in, all procedures can be completed in a few days, saving time, money, avoiding second surgeries etc. Everything done in one trip to Costa Rica. Please be kind enough to open the attached file with more detailed information about our dental implants and us. I also recommend that you visit , browse around and go to the news section for more information about us.

COST INFORMATION: (everything included, for you to get an idea)
Dental Implants: $500 each Metal porcelain crowns: $250 each Fillings: $40 each x-rays, examination, study models: $100

After reviewing the attached proposal you sent us, I am sending the information in the same format so you can understand better, compare it side to side. Bite Adjustment: $0
Implants #24, #25. No bridge 23-26. $1000
Crown #18: $250
Crown #2, #14: $500
# 3 Graft: $250, Implant placment if needed: $500<< was not needed
#5 Implant $500, Extraction: $0
#4, #12 Dental Implants: $1000
Crown lengthen #8, #9: $0
Crowns on #3, #4, #5, #12, #8, #9: $1500
Since we use unipost one stage system, NO abutments on #3, #4, $5, #12: $0
Composite: #11, #19, #20, #22,#27: $200
Add temporaries: $150
Exam, x-rays, consultation: $100
Grand Total: $5,450
I am highlighting this Grand Total: $5,450 in red.
Remember, my California dentist and his partner's price was $40,000

I believe it is important for readers to understand why I decided to go to the Cavallini Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, in March 2008 I was very impressed with the immediate next day response to my email, where I requested a quote to get the work done, and also the information about: dental implants, time for completion, X-Rays, traveling information, etc. While prices and procedure offering may have changed since my first interaction with the clinic, I know that the clinic's attention to detail, modernity of equipment, and above all the compassion the dentists and staff have for their patients is remarkable.

Since 2008 many improvements were made: an elevator at the clinic, the Casa Marco hotel was built above and behind the clinic, and most recently the SKY hotel was built and finished, that was in April 2016.

I trust that these pointers are helpful. Contact me with any questions. I am here to help.
thanks, Michael Sachs

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