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Michael Sachs Discusses How He Started His Journey Toward Finding Cavallini Clinic

I am Michael Sachs living in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.I am married, have two beautiful daughters, and five grandchildren. My career was in engineering, as well as in the real estate business.

So, how did I get to the dental implants subject? Here's what happened to me. Two of my upper jaw teeth became loose, and I lost them in 2007. I didn't do anything about this until I heard that the teeth on either side of the gap where a tooth is missing will become loose and will quite likely fall out too. And also until I read this article an article that I found on the internet. You can find the article that started my journey here

A fabulous and knowledgeable dentist in my area evaluated my condition, which also included four crowns as well as the four implants, and he presented me with a $40,000 quote, yes forty thousand dollars to do the work. I thought that I did not want to buy his practice, I just wanted to get my teeth done. All this motivated me to check the internet in countries like, India, the Philippines, Israel, and Mexico, for a better price.

During my search I discovered the Cavallini Dental Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica. I researched information on the Cavallini Clinic, the dentists, and looked through all of the informative information that is found on the site. I became convinced that with the dentists' knowledge, experience, and their constant participation in seminars in Atlanta, and Houston to keep up with the latest developments, as well as the latest equipment that the clinic had on site, that I needed to communicate and receive a quote for doing the corrective dental work as needed to be done.

I emailed the Cavallini Clinic the exact quote which I received from the dentist here in California, without the price of course, and within a day I received a very informative email from the Cavallini Clinic, with a price quote that was substantially less than my dentist here.

In my next segment to this my dental journey I will write to show you the original excellent email which Dr. Marco Peralta sent me. Also, be ready for my first "dental adventure" in a land far, far away from home. As I reflect back to the year 2008, with numerous tour trips to Costa Rica since then ( no, not every time to get dental work done ] I discovered that although I was away from home, I felt and really feel that I am at home there in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I trust that these pointers are helpful. Contact me with any questions. I am here to help.
thanks, Michael Sachs

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